Vale do Pinhão - Pinhão Valley

The movement of the Innovation Ecosystem of Curitiba to promote Smart City actions, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Pillars of the Program

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*The Vale do Pinhão Project is alligned with the UN SDG’s


The technology permeates all the other pillars, however, it deserves a special chapter when we discuss technologies as a base to the Smart Cities. This technology is being developed and implemented to facilitate the access of the population to the public services, to improve the digital infrastructure of the City. It is the anchor that supports and connects the citizens and the innovation ecosystem of the city.

Speak Curitiba!

The Speak Curitiba program, currently in its third edition, is a public consultation model that aims to actively participate in the construction of the budget pieces of the municipality - the Budget Guidelines Law and the Annual Budget Law. One of its structures is an online platform, with the objective of enabling the participation of any citizen and resident of Curitiba. The program strength is mobilizing the 75 neighbourhoods, reaching the entire city population.

Curitiba APP

The official applicative of the Curitiba City Hall. It encompasses the awarded Saúde Já (Healthcare Appointment App), the application that enables the scheduling of the first service at the Municipal Health Unit, avoiding queues, citizens medical and vaccination historic and prenatal follow-up for pregnant woman. The Curitiba App added new tools: the Central 156 app, to suggestions and complains; the Itibus system to consult the location of bus shelters, itineraries, timetable, bus card personal statement and the buses in real time. It also lists and guide about all the services of the City Hall, and informs about the events and news in real time. It is an app that concentrates all the information that the citizens of Curitiba need.

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Reurbanisation and Sustainability

The transformation and reurbanisation of the city are based on humanity and sustainability, with the support of innovative solutions and technology. Curitiba grows offering opportunities and new possibilities to its citizen, with a focus on improving the quality of life of the city. The initiatives related to urban planning and development aim to tackle climate change.

Rebouças neighbourhood

The former industrial site is being transformed as an urban living lab, home to the Innovation Mill, where the Agência Curitiba is located, the anchor of the Vale do Pinhão. The objective is to transform the area through new land uses, activities related to technology and innovation. The neigborhood also works as a laboratory to test and implement pilot projects on urban planning, mobility and development. New solutions and ideas that can be replicated to the rest of the city.

New Caximba neighbourhood

The project to transform an area of irregular occupation in an ecologic and structured neighbourhood. The precarious houses and without access to public services will give place to social housing with water and sanitation, public transportation, public equipment and a park. The objective is to improve the quality of life of the dwellers, minimizing the risk areas in the city and preserving the environment and the watershed.

Urban farms

The program objectives are aware the population, in an creative and innovative way, about the whole chain of production and food cycle, encompassing since the farming process to environmental, social, educational and health questions. The program called Chef’s Garden encourages urban farmers to sell part of the production to restaurants in Curitiba. In a area of 4,435m² in Cajuru neighbourhood is being implemented the Urban Farm with the most modern planting models and using renewable energies – wind, solar and bioenergy – and reuse of raining water for irrigation. The spaces are complemented with Honey Gardens, to increase the bee population within the city to raise awareness of the population about the importance of bees in the planet biodiversity balance.

Articulation and Integration

In this pillar, the ecosystem of innovation of Curitiba remains active, motivated and integrated. The stakeholders of this scenario are the Universities, the class entities, the public and private sector and companies with a focus on innovation and technology. The Vale do Pinhão support this pillar through forums, seminars, events, lectures and congresses to bring all the stakeholders, the entrepreneurial and innovation environment together.

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A monthly event held in the Paiol Theatre in Curitiba, where 4 lecturers share with the public the challenges of entrepreneurship, from innovation and successful cases to solutions that improve people daily lives. Paiol Digital seeks the engagement of people connected to the world of Smart Cities, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, spreading the culture of innovation among the citizens. With this format, we create a networking environment and fostering actions aimed at the development of the city, people and business.

Smart City Expo Curitiba

The biggest Smart City event in the world happened for the first time in Brazil in Curitiba 2018, thanks to the Vale do Pinhão movement. It brought more than 70 specialists and 80 startups to discuss ideas and solutions with 5,400 people visiting. The edition in 2019 had an increase of 25% of people participating, 6,700 visitors. The Expo is an important event to discuss urban innovation and the solutions to the future of the cities, based on technology and sustainability.

Movimenta Curitiba

An entire month of events scattered across the City, to celebrate Curitiba 326 birthday last March. It encompassed more than 47 events totalizing 15,000 participants, 200 pitches, 10 public departments involved, 20 volunteers and 150 partners in the ecosystem of innovation.

Innovation Fair

For the first time in Curitiba, it was held a fair in XV Street, a famous pedestrian-only street in Curitiba. The public space hosted 14 startups sharing with the population new solutions to different problems, and pitches from the startups' representatives, social movements, creative economy sector and departments of the Curitiba City hall.